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Re: Pleaseeee help. im at the end of my rope :(

sorry for your situation
me too bit different , could be DIVERTICULITIS , pain is on lower Left side usually
but can be different in diff people.
Also, could be wheat in pasta , bread etc...
I eat veg soup for breakfast now,
big thing is to get way more green veg in diet , easy to digest like brocoli steamed ..

Also, go to a naturist that you can find and trust , re getting good bacteria back into your intestines. If too much of diet is processed, heavy foods, not enough PROBiotic and Alkalyne foods . as opposed to acidic, it can be a combination of things.
not just 1 thing....its a long process but fixable ! Read up on some of these things and simplify the diet ...good luck ..Mtrl 250mel