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Angina and heart stents

Ten years ago I entered the ER after experiencing some difficulty breathing and a dull ache in my left arm. The symptoms were not severe and I felt somewhat foolish going to the ER but thought it best to be safe. Tests indicated a problem with my heart and an angiogram was attempted but not completed due to calcified blockage. A week later the angiogram was again attempted with a rotoblation technique (much like rotorooter) and the placement of three stents in my heart. After the procedure I learned that a piece of the guide wire broke off during the procedure and remained in my heart. Fortunately tissue grew around the wire and did not cause future problems.

three years later another angiogram was performed and a fourth stent was installed. The surgeon told me any further recurrences will necessitate open heart surgery. Another cardiologist was not so emphatic that it may come down to that.While in the hospital I met another patient whom had a fifth stent placed in his heart. Question: Has anyone else been in a similar situation of having multiple stent placements and if so, more than four stents?

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