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A Question for Pretty Women out there...

In almost all of the jobs I have had, I have always had some conflict with pretty women who work there.

I am petrified of them!

To give you some background:
I am a shy introverted woman who is mainly this way because I have deep-seated issues with my body image and appearance.

A deep-breath: In appearance, I look like a transgendered woman.

If I am nice and smile at the office pretty lady, the more rumors of me being gay get spread and ridicule to boot (laughter everytime I speak or walk into a room).

Now that I have become defensive and scared from the onset of meeting the office pretty girl, I am more aloof. Yet the same rumors get started, except meanness and exclusion from everything is also added to the menu of meanness (saying "eeeew" as I walk by, etc...)

These women are adored by everyone and those in the office who are actually gay do not get harassed in any way. I am a special target. Some of these women actually follow me around! I am quite scared because I am not a likeable person to begin with so I don't have any colleague support and I do not know how to make this stop.

I do get some paltry attention from guys (if only for a few seconds just because I am unusal-looking) and this in my mind, bothers these women to no end. (Why not let me have a few seconds of attention!) Meanness seems to increase everytime a guy is nice to me.

My most recent scary coworker very strategically (this is what is petrifying - they are so cool and calm when spreading rumors) has told my colleagues that she believes I "want" her. I am so scared! She follows me around and somehow appears whereever I go. I am thinking that she is telling people that it is I who is following her around out of desire.

I don't know what to do. But it is mortifying to have a woman tell people that you desire her. I am so-self conscious and am scared of the guys must be thinking about me.

Why do pretty women do these things? She seems to be always examining what I am wearing. I find it so creepy because it is creepier than a man checking you out but apparently she can do this with immunity and has no fear that she might get called gay. She can just say she is keeping an eye on me to make sure I don't do anything bad.

If a man were to surveille me this much, it would be called perversion.

How do I make it stop? Please remember that I am masculin-looking and so rumors of me being gay are received without question. I have no real evidence to prove anything. (who knows what they were referring to when they said "eeeew" or whispered "OMG that's a man") Office colleagues enjoy the rumors. Even if there was evidence, no body really cares how I feel (an ugly girl getting beat up by a pretty girl is great office entertainment).

Pretty girls, give up your secret, why do you do this and why doesn't anybody other than your target think you are creepy? What can I do to make you back off?

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