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Really want to know what's wrong with me!

So this all started about a month ago. It started with being at work and being kind of dizzy. I didn't think it was going to last so I ignored it. Then everyday at work I noticed the same dizziness. It is a dizzy where I feel like I am kind of hungover and out of it. Then I started getting slurred speech and thought it was weird. Now I have derealization mixed in where I have to remember where I am and talk to myself and say that I am alright, I feel like I am in a dream all day long. Just about a week ago I was at work and I got this really big pressure on my forehead and made me really scared so I started walking away from everyone in sort of a panic. Now I feel like I am in a dream and every now and then I get that pressure on my forehead and I have to take a deep breath and relax. I feel like this is ruining my life and I don't even do anything that I use to do because of it. I want to know if anyone else feels the same as I do and make sure that I am not going crazy. The thing I am most concerned about is the pressure on my forehead. I am scared it is going to make me passout. Also I have no money for a doctor so I was hoping I had something that I could treat myself. Thank you for your time!

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