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Unhappy Re: Lung cancer fear? I'm 23.

Originally Posted by Lollypat View Post
A lot of what Elizabeth says is good information, including the "don't panic".

DO find a board-certified internist or pulmonoloist as soon as possible. Be prepared for them to tell you to lose weight. Being heavy hurts your whole body, as I am sure you know. It causes muscles and ligaments and tendons to carry far more weight than they are designed for, and that causes spasms and pain and tenderness. I am morbidly obese, and I know what I am talking about here.

If you can, try mild exercise every day. Sometimes getting the joints to move gently help the spasms. A nice soak in a warm tub is great too, but getting some gentle exercise is also good. Keep your joints moving so the muscles don't get weak and out of shape.

Watch your diet and reduce the amount of fat in your diet. Fat can cause diarrhea and diarrhea causes lots of unhappy things. A high fat diet can cause cancer.

It is unlikely you have cancer at your age, but not impossible. Being your own advocate is good advice, so be your own advocate by taking better care of yourself, getting a good doctor, lose weight and change your diet. Be proactive, not reactive.

Good luck!
So Smart LollyPat! Can tell you, have lived in some painful times! So sorry to begin with, I completely understand and i am your friend sweetheart if you want to talk....Some very very great words of advice. I wish I had used the boards when I needed to prior now. People like you make a difference in peoples life that appreciate your suffering and experience, otherwise why are we here. I usually weigh about 180 lbs normally, since my pneumonia, I weigh between 191 and 220. 220 lbs being the highest when I was so swollen from the pneumonia. I take a diurectic every single day now, and still swell but fluxuate between 191 and 196 every day. Back in the day, yeah I worked, worked, raised 4 kids and a husband who drank (way too much in my opionion) who kept me busy, climbed the corporate career ladder, went to college learning seminars, had the american dream going on. Busy, busy, busy so the weight was never an issue. Did not eat,just worked and ran after 4 toddlers I chose to have every 5 years so every 5 years I would start all over again, kept me thin. Plus i took those "Max Fifty's", if you rememer those. They kept me circling around people. But believe me, I am paying for it now. I hurt 24/7. I am 46 and am disabled. Not Fair. I have been sick for 4 years now. Started with the thyroid, then the adrenals, then hypertension from the steroids.; The osteoporosis from the steroids! The steroids do make my immune system weaker, so the pneumonia, I am guessing the pneumonia took hold of my weakest point. However, during the pneumonia it was so hard to pinpoint because you HAVE to get to know your body, I had been ill with so many undiagnosed issues/illnesses that I was in a tailspin.

I actually thought I had a broken rib so the MRI's were ordered for that, not pneumonia. My bones are more fragile due to steroid use, so sneezing could put a small but very painful crack/fracture in any bone of mine. My shoulder hurt so bad, it had to be a broken I thought. All types of things run through your mind. AND reading the internet only makes thing WORSE because of the big C word, cancer that would just about come up on every single search.

Process of elimination is the key. You are so young, what could it really be?Does cancer run in your bloodline? Heridary perhaps would be the only possible true diagnoses (without a diagnoses) that it would be. Probably something that will be easily treated by a doctor. A doctor that is keyed towards the issues you are suffering. Do not confuse yourself with all the "possible" ailments the internet or your imagination can unbelievably come up with. Believe me, please, it is suffering you do not need to put yourself through. I was even calling, not just searching, but calling and thinking about arrangements when I thought I could possibly have lung cancer. It was so definitely ending and sad for me in my life. I was so scared of leaving my two teenage boys alone with the fact that I would not have the last word in the rest of their raising into young adult men. I want to see my grandbabies babies. I understand now, that that might never be a possility. This has left an imprint on my soul that makes me love my daily, every second of my life. Even through the terrible pain I suffer and do not know why I suffer every day. I am still struggling to figure it all out.

So far though, NO CANCER! so far, but I take nothing for granted. Just found out I have a "Almost 1 cm tumor/nodule on my adrenal glands. I am now left wondering if that has something to do with the "Addison's" label they have given me. I just wonder which doctor to ever believe. I have no use for the hospitals down here, they are worthless and know nothing about acute illness's like my own and mine can take my last breath if I do not get the correct shot of cortisone, which has happened many times and I guess I was lucky, was not my time, but they knew nothing so I suffered badly during their ignorance.

My word here, although so long and I apologize, is that if you do not gain the knowledge and know your body, then no one else REALLY CARES. Your life could be over when it is barely beginning. I have learned through total and horrible sickness and wanting to die days and learning my body and obvoiusly in my case the Endocrine system and how it works or how it doesn't work and WHY. The doctors I have been to (23) perhaps, have always had something different to diagnose or say about the other 22. No kidding. Now when go, I take my entire medical file and I am the boss. I question them, then I know right away if they know their ******** from my adrenal gland. My mind unfortunately shuts down immediately upon deaf ears if I think they are indifferent to my life or my health. I have just been scared enough and had enough that I need the doctors for my scripts and testing. I request tests and I will read and research what each and everything that test should tell me and what I should see and what it means when something is out the High or Low value.

Sorry so long. Just want you to understand, being scared is normal. It is your body telling you to get busy. Something is wrong. Save your life, know yourself and never take no for an answer when yes it should be. Fight for your right to have quality life. Your illness or aches and pains may be an infection that will clear up with an antibiotic or steroids. But do you know that antibiotic or steroid (used for inflammation sometimes shortterm) and what it does to your body today and what it means later in life to your bones, your adrenal glands, your quality of life? Or do you just take it like the doctor says, feel better and move on in life. I know just being relieved you have no cancer is a big sigh of Thank You, but you have to start now being only 23. If I had only known why my hair turned white when I was 20, I would have known I had AutoImmune Disease and if I would of known, I could of saved my thyroid and adrenal glands, then maybe today I would be able to get out of bed and not take 27 different pills and wait an hour so I can walk into my sons room and get him up for school. Otherwise, I am unable to even walk. It hurts so very, very bad I cry every time I awaken in the morning. And I am still left not knowing exactly why. And I have good insurance and plenty of doctors thus far, but all careless and uncaring about my future or that my two children will be ultimately raised by me.

Sorry so long, very touchy and hurtful subject I would hate anyone with the age of 23 not having any experienced adviced afforded to her. I have experience through the awful pain and the many losses in my life in such a short time (my career, my quality of life, my spirit, my hope, my trust, my health and almost my life) that I would hope I could make an impact through my horrible experiences that may help prevent the same pointless and very painful mistakes i have made in the last 3 years.

I would trade this experience with anyone anyday, however I have no ill feelings towards anyone in this world so badly that I would allow them to ever trade my experience and go through what I have or am going through currently. Not even my enemies. And yes, I have some now since my illness has caused my 26 year marraige to end a year ago when I needed him the very most. No one believes you. It is invisible mostly. I am done. Could keep going, but I know you are now bored.

Take care of yourself and listen to people like us. We are survivors so far. Makes us stronger. If we can change a life, then maybe that is the meaning of all this suffering. Otherwise, what is the purpose of it all to begin with.

Elizabeth Thanks for listening, or reading. This is good therapy for people who hurt. It helps share and not keep it bottled up inside. I feel better anyway. I sure hope you are feeling better and I want to know what you find out. I hope you come back to the forum and play it forward. Let us know what you find out and what you did to find the problem. It helps all of us learn. You may save a life with the information you can share with us all. Otherwise, I would not share my story. I want to help you. Get treated now. So you don't worry for no reason or you can get treated in the early stages of whatever it may be. Have a wonderful weekend and again, so sorry so long.

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