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Re: Laminectomy vs Laminoplasty

Your reply and your posts (all of which I've read!) have been incredibly helpful. I appreciate your caveat reminding us that your not a professional. But the amount of expertise you've accumulated during your complex journey is amazing. And your willingness to take the time to repeatedly share it is incredibly generous.

The MRI excerpts I provided were from my 3rd MRI and were much less detailed than the first. There were still no measurements but the surgeons all looked at the scans themselves. After reading all about the C7 potential issues, I have the same question in terms of addressing it. The pro laminoplasty MD was clear that he wanted to avoid the C7. I thought with the laminectomy and fusion the C7 issues were not relevant.

I clearly have to circle back with each of them now that I have more educated questions to pose. I am pretty well connected in the Boston medical community and the surgeons I'm seeing are all highly experienced cervical spine experts. But evaluating who is "best" is a challenge. Especially when dealing with the laminoplasty/laminectomy biases. And finding the combination of "best" skilled who is also willing to explain things in detail to a control freak like me is even harder. I'm going to try to connect with Jenny. I've read her posts as well.

Meanwhile, thanks again and I'll keep you posted.