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Re: 5year old, sever stomach pain

Your pediatrician can refer you to a gastroenterologist if they think it is merited. The doctor is probably assuming it is severe constipation, which can be quite painful. Especially if they gave him a laxative and there is a lot of build up of poop in there. When food reaches the stomach and can't go anywhere because all the bowels are full, it has nowhere to go. I would imagine that would cause pain. It took awhile to get all of that stool in there, so its going to take awhile to get him all cleaned out. Lots of water and prune juice can help clean him out.
Also a diet of vegies and fruits only for awhile with not much milk, meat, potatoes, bananas, pasta or bread products, which are all constipating. If after a couple weeks he is still having sharp pains in his bowels, there may be an obstruction in there that may need the attention of a GI doctor. Does he put things in his mouth? Ask him if he has eaten anything that is not food lately.
A GI doctor will also look at whether everything is structurally sound. Although usually those are things that they are born with and are found out almost right away. Also his doctor may not want to expose him to all that radiation unless its completely necessary. Ask for ultrasounds first, that doesn't carry a risk of radiation exposure.