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'Functional' incontinence

I've just been out for a walk, came back, and was unable to get the door key turned in the door rapidly enough - and wet myself.

This is the first time this has happened, but I've been noticing recently that when I'm taking a shower, the sound of the water running causes me to lose control.

Reading up quickly on the condition, I self-diagnose myself as 'functionally incontinent', because I don't have any conditions associated with the other types of incontinence listed in ********* - this is not markedly stress associated, nor are there dribbles, etc. But I'm not senile, nor do I have Alzheimers, dementia, confusion, arthritis, or low mobility. In fact I'm a fit 61-year old guy.

It is not always super-obvious to me in advance that I will 'need to go', because it seems to me that the good bladder control that I had when I was younger is not there any more. I can't tell my body: "stop!" Not even for the half-minute it would take to get a tricky key turned.

I recently had a prostate test and came out OK.

I do drink a heck of a lot of coffee.

So what next?
1. See my doctor, obviously
2. Do Kegel exercises help? They seem to better suited to other kinds of incontinence
3. What else?

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