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Question Reverse T3 Dominance question

Hi all,

I've been diagnosed by my GP as having RT3 dominance, with a ratio of 0.9. (FT3: 4.9, RT3: 551, FT4: 12.9). GP tells me it was caused from chronic stress due to work, which I have now quit (he had originally diagnosed me with Chronic Fatigue for 6 months before I demanded another answer!).

I've been taking T3 for about 6 months now, but my ratio continues to drop a little every test.

My doc is a bit baffled, and I have tried another doc who was just as baffled.

Being on the T3 did help with the total exhaustion, anxiety, depression, and I've been finally able to return to part time work after almost a year off, but has done nothing for the 15KGs I've put on in the last 12 months. I'm now starting to suffer from a tightness in the bottom of my throat causing difficulty swallowing, breathing when lying down and a bit of a scratchy throat, which I put down to weight gain, but I've now realised that perhaps its my thyroid? (Nodules?)

Other health issues are Insulin Resistance and PCOS (which is controlled by metformin).

I thought I'd pose the question to you fellow sufferers and experts and see if you had any suggestions of things I could ask my doc to check out? I've really had enough of this whole Thyroid thing. It's driving me totally nuts.

Many thanks in advance,


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