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Re: Sciatica?

Somebody take the medical dictionary away before the health fairies get to something really nasty. :P
The doc didn't suggest an MRI of my back. He wants me to do PT. Which I believe is what the insurance company wants you to do first anyway... I've had sciatica/back problems a few times in the last five years, and there have been times when I can't lean forward without something to hang onto, and so on. My usual cure is to spend as much time flat on my back as I can for a week...
Funnily enough, I didn't associate my current problems with my back at all - I've been spending enough time lying down resting that my actual lower back hasn't hurt for months. It must be passing the pain on down the line. I wasn't too thrilled to look it up and find out that sciatica isn't actually 'the problem' it's just a symptom that something is amiss... not sure where that leaves me in the long term!
PS. The next thing I need to do is to ask my GP to send me to a rheumatologist... my SIL suggested it and I was already thinking that I should go. I'm not really any better than when I started my meds, it's just covered it up and made it so I can function semi-normally. I could hardly walk to the bathroom in the mornings without them, and now I can do two miles again. I tried to go a day without a pill to see if I could, and I didn't make it till lunchtime before all my joints started singing at me.
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