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Have I got mono?

Sorry but this is a serious block of text!

OK well just over a month ago i had my mmr and tetanus vaccinations bought up to date - i experienced a little muscle pain in both days for a few days after but this went after about 2-3 days. After about a week i noticed i had a really sore underarm and upon inspecting it I noticed that i had a lump under my arm which instantly worried me greatly so i made a doctors appointment the following day to get it checked out. The doctor felt it and almost instantly decided it was a cyst and gave me a course of flucloxacillin. i took this for 2 days but i started having quite bad effects (which at the time i assumed were from the antibiotics) such as nausea, sickness, headache and a spontaneous nosebleed. I was unable to eat any real food due to this so i rang the doctor who switched me onto clarithromycin of which i took one but i still felt terrible; shaking and unable to eat i decided to leave off the antibiotics for a few days until i felt a little better. This sickness and illness lasted for over a week and in the process i rapidly lost half a stone in weight due to being unable to eat and living solely off fluids which seemed to make quite a mess of my gut with constipation and diarhoea seeming to alternate. slowly i started to feel a little better but i felt constantly tired and lightheaded. The lump had seemed to settle a little at this point and while still present it stopped being very painful. I went to see the doctor again who took note of all my symptoms and decided the illness was because of the antibiotics and told me to leave them and just recover naturally with plenty of fluids etc. Gradually over the next week i started feeling a little better and started being able to eat but i was suffering from quite bad heartburn and a moderate sore throat (which i believed to be acid reflux but in hindsight was it?) This seemed to subside a little and i started feeling a little bit better but being a student (18) i was to leave for uni the following week so i couldn't get any major bed rest as i had to pack and buy stuff for uni. The week passed and the tiredness and lightheadedness seemed to continue if somewhat better than before and on the day i was due to go i had quite bad pain behind my testicles (sorry to be graphic), which i had also experienced a few days before, which ached when walking. I took some iburprofen for this and it seemed to go off a little but the pain was quite bad. In the early morning after being dropped off i awoke feeling very warm, sweaty and had to be sick (the night sweats seem to be something i have had very mildly few the duration of feeling ill - not drenching but definatly present) - my neck was also very sore and the glands under my jaw seemd to be very sore and slightly swollen. I signed up for the university health centre and immediatly got an appointment to see a nurse practitioner whom i told my story to and she seemed to think it was all because of the mmr - she took my blood sugar and did a urine test both of which came back fine so i was told to see a doctor the following day to be safe. The doctor seemed to emulate the nurse saying she felt it was a reaction to the mmr (which now was done 3 weeks prior) but order some blood tests (fbc, esr, kidney and liver tests + a HIV test which i'm sure i didn't have not being sexually active) - later that day after the blood test i had a terrible headache throbbing on the right side of my head and was atually sick because of it. Anyway all of these blood tests came back fine with only a slightly high albumin (i think) and high red blood count. I was therefore told to get some rest and relax but two days later i noticed a very sore neck and bad muscle aches all over my body. upon inspecting my neck i noticed two small lumps on the left side which were sore to the touch and then upon inspecting my groin area the nodes there seemed swollen too (although not sore). I made yet another appointment with a doctor who felt all my nodes remarking that they weren't very swollen and took my symptoms and concluded either the vaccine reaction or maybe a viral infection but gave me another appointment with a doctor for a second opinion. This doctor read all my reports and agreed with the other doctors but also raised the point that these symptoms could be glandular fever (mono) and suggested a test for it which brings me to today. I plan to go down to the health centre tomorrow and see about getting a mono test but does anyone feel this could explain how i've been feeling? Could the lump in my armpit come before the sickness and stuff and does the only mild sore throat discount mono? I'm really hoping it comes back as mono as if not i'm extremely worried about lymphoma or another form of cancer =(

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