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Smile Re: Tested Positive with HSV1

Thanks for the info! I have contacted my Doctors nurse to tell me (if they can or will), what the HSV1 and HSV2 numbers were from the blood test. So far the only thing I know is HSV1 Positive and HSV2 Negative. I have had off and on major jock itch with a sometimes yellowy discharge in the area for about 38 years. I used to think that I got it from the rope climb back in PE class in 7th grade. Coming down off of the rope I slid down the rope and got rope burn but who knows. I'm sure alot of sweaty hands and legs carried alot
of diesease, especially back then when I first heard of herpes.

Is it possible that my blood test results could be slightly below the retake
test result and I could have HSV2 as well, or does negative HSV2 render a
no means no test. Also could I have HSV1 (Genitally) as well as cold sores.

I have'nt recalled getting cold sores very often or at all, just chapped lips
and itching lips. And the very day after my blood tests I get a red bump near
the corner of my mouth on my lower lip. I have had a little white bump on my
lower bottom lip near the cold sore that I thought could have been herpes for sometime. It does'nt get bigger or smaller I have just accepted it (whatever it is).

Anymore info would be appreciated as I am a type 2 diabetic so things don't heel quick.

Thanks Again!