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Headaches, pressure, derealization, nausea, vomiting, muscle & joint pain, fatigue

I'm at a loss & thought I'd post here to see if anyone has any ideas...
Almost 14 yrs ago I was hit with fatigue then a month later derealization which makes me feel like everything is foggy, like living in a dream 24/7. Also my body felt heavy, sore, tired. I've had many probs over the years but those were the worst. Then 3 yrs ago it started getting worst. Pain set in. My whole body always hurts. I rely on meds to take the edge off, but always hurt. Always exhausted. I've been diagnosed & treated for fibromyalgia. I don't deny having it, makes sense. But I don't understand why I have derealization. I've been diagnosed with PTSD but I don't think that's it. Over the yrs pain only gets worst. It's hard to do anything these days. I also deal with allot of nausea. I go through spells, especially this time of year, where nausea is worst. I get migrain like headaches often. I seem to always have a mild headache/head pressure. I vomit with or without the headache. Sometimes only once or a few times. Usually like the other day... I will throw up for 12-15 hrs, can't keep anything down so I know I get really dehydrated & allot of stomache acid... I always say I'll go to the ER if I'm still vomiting by morning & I always stop by then. I usually blaim it on pain but I have been doing really well managing my pain, taking meds regularly...
I had an MRI to test for ms 2 yrs ago. If there was a tumor or anything they would have seen it right? I know I have some kind of cyst by my nose but the dr I spoke to brushed it off as nothing.
Any ideas?
Fatigue & Derealization~ 1999
Hypothyroid~ 2003
Back injury~ 2005
Severe Degenerative Disk, Arthritis, Mild Scoliosis.
Fibromyalgia~ 2009

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