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Re: Neuropathy

Originally Posted by MSJayhawk View Post

I have 10/10 pain in my left leg left shoulder, left triceps and elbow and left hand. Until this August, my pain has been confined to my left lower back, left hip and femur. The first instance of this left my leg disabled and to this day it drags when I get tired.

The only thing I have found which works for me is my heating pad. I tried cold compresses to no avail. From my personal experience I know that heat overcomes my nerves and they tend to shut down. Based on that, I placed the heating pad on the area of my most intense pain and within minutes it went from a 10/10 to a 2 or 3/10 and many times 0/10.

I cannot promise you the same results. I start at the main area of pain and then move to the next pain spot and continue and then I will return to the first spot and start again.

Again, welcome!!