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Re: Neuropathy

When I take a shower, I let the warm water stay on my legs and that does make them feel better. I need to remember to bring a heating pad out during the night while I am watching t.v. but during the day, I am still working part-time and have to cut back on my neurotin & loritab so I can concentrate at work. By the time I get off, I am in tears with the pain.

My pain is a constant burning in upper thighs & behind legs. My feet feel like they have open sores on portions of the sides and bottoms. I keep looking down at my feet to see if there are any open wounds but there is not. Now since the weather is starting to change, the cold air on my legs and feet feel as if you have an exposed root in your tooth and when cold water hits it, you almost go through the roof. Plus I go through bone aches and leg aches really bad. It has become a nightmare....

Thanks for letting me know that I am not alone....