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Skipping beats

I am scared to death! I was diagnosed with anxiety attacks 16 years ago, I have had them pretty much under control but don't do many things anymore that I know triggers them.
I just turned 58 years old and pretty much considered myself healthy, I do not go to doctors unless I have to - mainly because I have no medical insurance. I had a back injury in 1988 but even that is much better than it has been, any aches and pains, I blame on the back injury.. as any doctor I have seen does that also. I would always here "it is from your back"
I have also had stomach problems.. mostly due to the pain medications and muscle relaxers I was on when I injured my back, I have IBS and have had hiatal hernia. My stomach has gurgled for some time and I blamed that on my diet.. I eat all the wrong things! And I knew that flour products are terrible on my stomach.
About a month ago, my stomach was really aching and I took my pulse, I detected a skipped heart beat, which immediately sent me into a panic attack and I was sure I would die. I got to the doctor as soon as I could. He did hear a skip and did an ekg which was fine (it didn't pick up any skips) He did blood work and that all came back fine too. He said I could see a cardiologist if I wanted to, but he just didn't seem to concerned about it. Another reason why I don't go to doctors, I want answers and I don't seem to get them.
Since the day I detected the first missed beat, I have not eaten any flour products or sugar products, which has been a drastic change from my normal diet. I have lost 10 lbs but losing weight was not my main goal (even tho I do need to lose a few more lbs)
The problem starts in my stomach, on the left side just at the bottom of the rib cage, it is a little tender in that area also. Feels like a air bubble.. and then the skipping starts! Then of course the anxiety.
I am not sure what to do at this point but it is scaring me to death. I can't afford to go to a cardiologist (I called and got their price) and I have not found any clinics in my area that work on a sliding scale.
I have started taking magnesium and it does not seem to be helping much. Does it take longer for it to work? I have been on it for 2 weeks now.
Everything I have found seems that skipped heartbeats are not really dangerous but that is after a bunch of test have been run, which I have not had done. I as so scared!! Help!!

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