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Re: Pain after Microdisectomy? Any help appreciated!

Thanks teteri! I think the toughest part is not knowing what to expect after the surgery. I don't have a clue what is normal and what is not. Are certain sensations or pain part of the healing process or an indicator something is wrong. Man did I feel great first 2 weeks, as if nothing happened at all, it was great.

I can only hope it is a normal part of the healing process and not a re-herniation or something of that nature. I have wondered how long steroids/antibiotics can have an effect after the surgery. That logic seems to make sense and I hope that is exactly what I am experiencing.

I notice if I sit for a little while, when I get up I get a sharp pain the first 2 or 3 steps and then it seems to go away. Outside of the it seems like low level pain, but certain motion can trigger it to get sharp.

I may call the PA from the neurosurgeon's office this week if it worsens.