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Re: herniated disc L5 S1

I can tell you my experience with a L5/S1 disc herniation. I pretty much tried chiropractic care, PT and epidural injections after the injury, but nothing every worked well. And after a few months of that conservative treatment, the pain got worse. So finally I went to a neurosurgeon, had an MRI and went through with the mircodisctomey a few weeks ago. I had immediate pain relief after the surgery. Some pain has gradually returned, but it is about 1/5th the level prior to the surgery. I was super active prior to the injury and the goal is to get back to that way of life. But its been difficult for certain. I am hoping what I am experiencing now is just part of the healing process.

I tried to avoid surgery, unfortunately nothing was working and if I could do this all again I would have gotten this done much earlier. The jury is still out on whether it was completely successful, but right now I feel much better compared to the pain/suffering I dealt with all summer long