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Re: HPV risks?

Good on you for using a condom for sure. Condoms greatly reduce the risk of spreading HPV. In terms of how cervical HPV (types 16 and 18) can effect male, patients, about 50% of penile cancers are linked to HPV infection, according to *****. Unfortunately, there is indeed no way for males to know if they are carriers of type 16 or 18, but the good news is that most HPV cases in people with healthy immune systems resolve in about two years, according to the CDC.
Probably you have heard the whole campaign (before about 2006) that said that condoms do not offer protection... that is an issue if the HPV has affected the external genital or groin area. External symptoms are most common with GW.
It is good that your partner was open about her condition, and good that you used a condom. The bottom line is that a condom is better than no condom.