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Question Possible Aspergers or ADD?

I have a 6 year old boy who's behavior is concerning me. He does not like to share anything! He doesn't like to share the smallest and simplest things most of the time, unless HE wants to. He is very posessive, and is always sorting out his things from everyone else's. He has a hard time even sharing with his friends and parents. He also doesn't seem to have empathy like his friends and even younger sister. He doesn't respond to a friend who is sad or hurt. I am always having to remind him to say please and thank you. I have always tried to show him how to care and share, but yet he doesn't get it. I have tried the reward charts, the praise, now currently I am taking things away from him when he doesn't share. He is also very silly, and a lot of times I can't get him to stop acting this way. When he gets with his friends he does things that he knows are not right, but still does it. Example: At his birthday party today, he kept filling his juice cup up to the rim, and laughing so hard it was spilling. And he kept doing it, despite my words and glares at him.
He can play very imaginary, most the time though he likes to just look at his toys, and play for a short period of time. He does well in school, but the teacher says he needs to take more time on his work. I love my son so much, but lately I worry about him and its taking a toll on me with my having to constantly watch him and correct him. I don't have to do any of this with his younger sister who is 4. He also doesn't enjoy helping around the house or engaging what his Dad or I are doing. He has been seen by a psychiatrist who believes it is an age appropriate and older brother issue, but I can't stop thinking something isn't right. Any thoughts?

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