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Re: How to educate my doctor

Originally Posted by Heatherx5 View Post
Well I'm glad you took thing into your own hands and started taking something. Hoping that your symptoms lift for you and there is no irreversible damage. . Educating her is your only choice and if she refuses then you seem to know what to do. Find another Dr., preferably one that will be all over this. Best of luck to you!

I guess I just see it as how close you are to being out of the normal range isn't ok, why not just treat it before it dips below. I don't understand why Dr's do this.
Yeah I don't either....she was so cavalier about it...I'm going to call tomorrow and see if I can get a sooner appt....November 30 is too far away...I'm also going to buy the book this week and I guess we will see how she takes's funny because I learned today that a childhood friend of mine had gastric bypass recently and was having my exact same symptoms and her b12 was 286 and her doctor immediately prescribed shots and educated her on sublinguals...yet here I am playing teacher...le sigh...

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