Thread: Is it herpes??
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Re: Is it herpes??

Thanks, they heart a lot at first but now they dont really hurt. That's what I was thinking sort of because i iched it really hard and took some skin off leaving it open for infection also in the middle of the crack there is almost like a small hole that is yellow a bit like honey color with hurts to touch. Honestly the odds that it is herpes seem very low considering it was 3 years ago that I got the oral and I am a virgin. They are almost fully healed and it started 3 days ago. I started high dose anti biotics yesterday morning and all day today and I have to say I have seen a big difference. I have never felt burning during urination but I hav worried a lot about it bein herpes. Although the odds are slim. If it is herpes when should I expect to see another outbreak? Also sorry about my spelling I am on my cell phone. It is almost like yellow in the middle and raised around it, although it is not raised a lot and almost flat. And a inch away from the cluster is a dark red dot with light red around it.