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Re: A Question for Pretty Women out there...

Originally Posted by Thisby View Post
I have a feeling you might not get too many replies from these 'pretty women' you're talking to because basically, you insult them.

I'm pretty much like the previous poster - certainly wouldn't call myself a pretty woman. And definitely don't behave the way you describe. But I do know a lot of pretty/beautiful women and I have never seen them act like that. Course, maybe I'm just lucky.

What you're describing is a bully, and that does't go hand in hand with beauty. The worst bully I ever knew (in an workplace) was an overweight gay man. Hysterically funny, but catty! ouch! And it made me think way less of him, than whoever it was he was mocking.

My suggestion would be to keep a smile on your face, be as nice and kind as possible, and make a report to HR about bullying. (And maybe rethink the belief that all pretty women are like that.)
Up front, I am not a woman.

I second the gist of this post. People are people and some people unfortunately act like buttheads. It isn't reserved for pretty people any more than ugly, plain or androgynous looking folks. You and I both know we run into stupid people everywhere, from the grocery store to work. We can't "change" what they say and do but we can control our response to them or how we react to what is said. Please try your best not to let them reside in your head; just don't give them that power, Take it Back. I know this sounds easier said than done but for your own sanity, it's important to handle these folks in a healthier manner. I wish you all the Best going forward!

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