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Re: My psychotic history

during my psychosis I wasnt necessarily hearing voices but random thoughts were popping up that were giving me ideas.

for several years I was convinced that I was being drugged forcibly and come back and fourth uni while paranoid about a weird headache. not only headaches but I also felt this scared feeling coming up. now I know that it is a stage of done some kind of eps...

I was convinced that a ray gun was irradiating my head wherever I went and also making my face tickle in order to break me. I ended up touching my face repeatly to show my fight back to the machine that's touching my face.

I was driving at the time back and fourth home and uni and soon I was receiving message from cars and billboards, those advertisements were there to relay messages using me as a kind of computer.
I would get this feeling penetrate through me then I will know that it's on...
But in truth, I'm not alone! Jesus is with me all the way!!!!