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Worried Sick...

On November 2nd, and November 6th, 2011, I engaged in unproteced sexual intercourse with a female: status unknown. Right around the first of the year I developed what I thought to be strep throat. I went to see my doctor and he informed me I had a canker sore in my throat and not strep. I didn't think anything of it. Then mid-March came and I began to become extremely fatigued and I developed a headache, mild soar throat, mild fever, diarrhea; ya know, many symptoms of HIV. So after a couple weeks of being nervous I go and get tested on April 2nd of 2012. The results came back a couple of days later and they were negative. Well, since that period up until now I still get symptoms allllll the time. It seems like every month I periodically will just get dead tired, and I'll get canker sores in my throat occassionally. Now, lately, I've been getting super fatigued, mild fevers that come and go, slight diarreha, constant headache, a constant scratchy throat, I've had about four random rashes on my body that last for brief periods of time(these really freak me out the most, as I've never had a rash in my life up until now) even a couple lymp nodes seem to be swollen. I have not engaged in any risky behavior at all in the time that has elapsed since I last was a complete idiot and had sex without protection and since I was last tested. What could be going on here? Thanks for reading.

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