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Re: My anxiety is taking over!

Originally Posted by GracieRae View Post
I've had anxiety for a little over a year now, but now its starting to become a problem. It runs in my family as well. It used to be more depression than anxiety and I would have just regular break downs every once in a while. But now it get random attack quite often, in classes, before classes, at night, at work anytime really when i'm under any sort of stress. Now it's starting to really get in the way of my life, i've had multiple panic attacks just this past week. I've never had them before this week, they are so terrifying! It feels like a demon has taken over my body for an hour and I feel as if i'm going to die. And i know school is the source of my stress, because i cannot handle stress well at all.

Also on weekdays, i can't fall asleep at night. I get short of breath and when it gets to about 2am and i stop tossing and turning, and i try to close my eyes and sleep, i get the strong JOLT like a mini heart attack EVERY TIME i try to sleep! I feel so helpless and its almost to the point where i fear nighttime and i'm scared to try and sleep. Now it's about 3am and my chest is extremely tight and i'm no where near tired.

So I was thinking about finishing my senior year of highschool online, because its just the first six weeks and I've already had panic attacks, and my counselor said with my situation i should be granted by the district to do so. And with my anxiety taking over my life and messing my sleep up I just can't finish regular school right now, after graduation i plan on going to ACC (Austin Community College) and finishing my basics, so hopefully by then i wil learn to control my anxiety a little more. But do y'all think that would be best for me?
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