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Angry HPV positive Pap smear, faithful 15 years!!

I am baffled! I just had my pap smear and they told me no negative cells were found but I am positive for HPV! I don't know how the HPV positive result can be true since I have had no other sex partner during this 15 years with my partner except my one and the same partner of 15 years; no symptoms, no warts, no whatever! I had two operations a couple of years ago to remove a giant mass in my uterus, maybe unclean tools?. I had surgery, trans-vaginal ultra-sound tests and speculum examinations. He has been lied to before in past relationships so this news from me is devastating. I don't know if the records got mixed up? that has to be the case. what could have given me HPV when I have no other sex partner since before my current partner? Maybe I have that HPV that doesn't go away (ie. got it before 15 years ago) and I'm doomed to cervical cancer but again, no abnormal cells <knock wood> P.S. I just went for an IVF test and the lady that gave me the trans-vaginal ultrasound (same clinic as my above surgery since the same doctor does both specialties) applied the "tool" to me with lubricant but to my horror: not a "sheathe" (condom-type covering to the "tool") that I spied on the table, I fully expected her to put the thing on the wand/tool before sticking it inside of me but she didn't!! WHY? and then after my brief exam she grabbed a sort of sanitizing "wet wipe", rubbed it around the tool a couple of times and then popped it back onto the test console. hello? I don't think alcohol wipes take out HPV? is this the reasonI got HPV? what happened to the poor lady that came after me with HPV? did she get it too?

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