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Re: 5 days post ACDF, trouble talking, weak hand

Originally Posted by CharlotteY View Post
I'm five days post-op from ACDF C67 and am a little worried about my voice and my left hand.

I can't talk above a whisper. It isn't getting any better. Throat doesn't hurt. Just seems like I can't talk above a whisper.

also, I didn't have any arm, hand weakness going in, but the day after surgery my hand started feeling weak and arm, hand slightly numb and tingling. Is this normal? PA said don't worry about it, but I need assurance that perhaps there is some swelling causing these new symptoms and this is to be expected???
Hi CharlotteY, I didn't have a ACDF but a laminectomy on C5,C6 partial C7. But I also experienced lots of pins and needles and some numbness in the palm of my hand after the surgery even when I didn't experience them before.

I can't give you insurance and I'm really not qualified to give an expert opinion, but I'm just saying what I experienced after surgery.

My surgeon told me the pins and needles where normal after surgery and they would go away again but that it could take up to a year.

If you are really worried you should call the hospital and make a list of your questions / symptoms so you can ask them.