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Re: Walking


So sorry that your Mom is more silent. I think there are 2 factors here. One is how she will recover from the fall/broken hip and the other factor is her stage with dementia. If it is Alzheimer's and she cannot talk, it is like severe stage. In severe stage, she will not be able to walk or eat later on. It is what happens in severe stage: no walking/talking and eventually she will have swallowing/eating issue. Note that such stop is not really 100% and yet it is like 90%. e.g., when my late FIL stopped talking, he could still say my husband's name and screamed with "Yeah" or "ouch"! When he stopped walking, he could still climb out and hold on to the wall. Later on, he had to be in the wheelchair and largely needed people's help to get him out of bed or lie down on the bed. Someone had to move his head or legs so he could sleep in lying down position.

I don't know if your Mom's walking like that is due to the surgery or it may have to do with dementia's severe stage. Give it time and see. Also any major surgery could make her decline more with dementia.
My late FIL was very sick in moderate stage at one time in late 2007 and he could not walk in the hospital for a short time. There was a short time when he could not walk properly. But he was able to walk with a cane 1 month later (he had used the cane for at least 3-4 years.) However, when he fell and stopped walking last year, he never recovered from the walk and needed the walker for 6 months and then afterwards he used the wheelchair until his death this year.
I sure hope your Mom will recover from the fall first. Everyone has different pace so she may not be there yet for stopping walking.


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