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Re: Pleaseeee help. im at the end of my rope :(

You're not alone. I finally went to the doc when I couldn't get to the airport without Imodium.

Although I test negative for lactose intolerance and celiac, I stopped almost all symptoms (gas, bloating, diarrhea) within a week after I stopped eating ALL diary, wheat, rice, potatoes and sugar. This restriction includes things that aren't supposed to contain lactose, like aged cheese and cured meat. At first, I couldn't even eat whey protein isolate, but am doing ok with it now.

It sounds extreme, but for the first time in a decade, I didn't have to sit up at night and belch. I've also lost a lot of weight, as you might imagine.

I've been doing this for 9 months. I still have occasional problems with things like egg yolks, but generally I'm so much better that the change has been worthwhile. The hardest part was giving up cream in my coffee. I used soy like a nicotine patch -- just to get me through the adjustment. I don't like soy, so now I drink my coffee black. I am now able to have cheese crumbles in my salad, which does make ordering easier, so I'm recuperating to some extent.

I ran into someone at an airport once with the same issues, so there seem to be a lot of us.

Of course, the really hard part is explaining to someone why I can't eat something and then having to listen to them ask if I'm sure, or if I've tried some substitute or another, or what about...

And, yes, the doc's attitude, was "as long as it's working, keep doing it even though we can't explain it". Spendid. Totally worth the co-pay, right?