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Re: Heading in the right direction?

Just saw the post ladt few days have been horrible dont think I have been detoxing enough thought was herxing thurs reaaaly bad cut back abx made no difference stopped Friday but.kept takung nyastatin and about an hour or so later feels like I am dying so I think number one I have very bad yeast problem and two not.dwtoxing enough if the toxins hate to stop abx but have to purge this poision out did a epson salt HP bath rhis morning Braun fog even worse getting activated charcoal today and Some pyslium for fiber to try to rid the toxins this is soo scary and frustrating and to think I am.just beginning only been on abx for 3 Weeks like I said I am sure I had major gi tract yeast problem before abx.cause all I read is die off from candida symptoms usually due down afafter a week or so ialready follow the diet to the t so hopefully more detoxing.will help couldnt even hardly get out of bed last couple of days this sucks!