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Thumbs down I swear wearing bifocals made my vision/floaters worse

Started getting floaters in 1999, six months after my daughter was born.
I got prescribed reading glasses in 2007 but never wore them.

In Feb 2011, I decided to get my eyes checked to get another pair of glasses to give my eyes a boost.
I am a photographer and work a lot on the computer. My vision was decent but noticed I would have to hold something away from my eyes for me to read the words. Nothing too severe though.
Well was I shocked when I was told I needed bifocals!
I really liked they made everything clear and started wearing them full time. Within 6 months, I could now NOT read anything up close without my glasses. And I mean, much worse! I also noticed my floaters seemed worse with flashes sometimes and visual snow. Got my eyes tested again this past June and she told me my left eye vision was worse than last time and needed stronger glasses. I refused to get them because I knew they would make my vision even worse without them. I'm saving up to get LASIK now so that I don't have to fully depend on glasses. My mom always said once you wear glasses, you always have to wear them.
I truly believe my glasses made everything worse.

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