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Results of ANA Test, newbie need help

Hello everyone,

For the last couple of years, Ive had achiness, fatigue, weird rash on arms and neck, <cyst like>. Also have two/three rows of extra eyelashes, and arthritis, and osteo penia. I had ana test.. done and here are the results

In bold capts and the letters numbers are highlighted in dark color. As if to tell you this is important

heres are results of blood work, LONG sorry
SED rate 2
CBC inclu red 4.51
white blood 8.5
hemoglob 14.1
hemat 42.5
MCV 94.2
MCH 31.3
MCHC 33.3
RDW 13.1
PLatel count 225
absolute neutrophils 6554
absolu...lymphocytes 1318
absolut...monocytes 485
absolu...eosinophils 111
abso...basophils 34
neutrophils 77.1
lymphocytes 15.5
monocytes 5.7
eosinophils 1.3
basophils 0.4
ANA IFA screen w/refl to titer and pattern, IFA

ANA SCREEN, IFA <--bolded on report and black then tabbed over it says POSITIVE, <--bolded and dark, then a light colored Negative not bolded

Antinuclear antibodies titer and patter
ANA PATTER <--bold and dark tabbed over says HOMOGENEOUS
ANA TITER <--bold and dark, tabbed over says 1:40 H then the word titer is light colored and not bolded

please can someone explain if this means I have lupus, or some other autoimmune disorder.. Ive been misdaignosed, as having hypoglycemia, asthma, fibromaylgia.. etc.. thanks bunches, and god blessl

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