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Re: Chronic sinus problems.

Originally Posted by gcsjr View Post
It's a little tough to give you a helpful response without a bit more information.

Are antibiotics the only medications you've taken for your sinus problems or are you taking medications to reduce the inflammation in your sinuses as well? Generally, chronic sinus infections are the result of sinuses that aren't draining properly due to allergic inflammation, a deviated septum or in some cases even acid reflux.

Generally, the normal medical regimen for chronic sinus problems is going to look like this:

-Antihistamines or allergy shots (if you have allergies)
-Daily saline irrigation with a SinusRinse bottle or neti pot
-A steroid nasal spray to reduce inflammation (Flonase, Rhinocort, etc.)
-Singulair to help reduce inflammation

For some people over-the-counter medications like Sudafed and Mucinex also help avoid congestion and keep mucus draining so it doesn't collect in your sinuses and get infected.

If you haven't recently seen an ENT you might consider that as the next step to make sure that there isn't some other issue (nasal polyps, etc.) causing your recurring infections, and you might also consider seeing an allergist/immunologist to get tested for allergies and to have your immune function tested (repeated infections can actually be self-perpetuating if your immune system never has a chance to bounce back).

It's definitely a pain in the behind to go through the process of figuring out what's causing your chronic infections but the key to getting this under control over the long-run is figuring out what's behind the infections and finding a doctor who can help you manage the underlying cause before it becomes an infection that requires antibiotics.