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Question about Alzeiheimer's/Dementia and Sundowning... please help if you're able

Hello. So I have a 96 year old grandmother, who is in okay health. About a year ago, she fell and went to the hospital because she broke her pelvic bone. While there, we were told she was "sundowning." She acted totally different, was violent, angry, and miserable.

All in all, she is very positive. She lives alone, and my mom helps her by bringing her food, and cleaning. She is a Christian, and watches church programs on t.v. and reads the Bible. She also does light cleaning.

She had melanoma about three years ago. They didn't get it all, and she now has keyloid scars, and other problems in her leg that cause her pain and swelling. She uses a walker now. She fell two weeks ago, hit her head, and didn't tell anyone until a couple of days later, but was okay. She said that it was like someone pushed her down.

Anyway, she is VERY happy, outgoing, positive, etc.

Well, lately, she has been a bit off. Last night, I talked to her at 8 p.m. when I usually talk to her at 7 p.m., and she was really mean to me. She told me that she wanted to tell the doctor (she has an appt. soon) that he has to fix her leg. I told her that we've all told her over and over again that there is nothing they can do about her leg. She started yelling at me, saying, "WHY are you telling me this at night? I want to go to heaven now," over and over again. She was really mad. Honestly, it was like it wasn't even her...not even her voice. It was very upsetting.

So I talked to her at 9 a.m. this morning and apologized for upsetting her last night, and she didn't remember the ENTIRE conversation.

Also, yesterday she was looking for her walker while her hands were ON her walker.

It's really interesting (sad I mean) that when she's forgetting something, she is really good at changing the subject, or pretending that she remembers by saying "yeah, yeah." She won't admit to forgetting things, if that makes sense.

I really hope that someone here can help me.
My questions are:

1. Does this sound like Dementia?
2. How long will this take to progress to episodes during the day?
3. Is she still okay to live alone?

Thank you. I really appreciate any help/input.

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