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Re: pain meds making me so sleepy

Hi Shoreline and Nochange, thanks for your replies - much appreciated as I feel so alone with this.
I am on an anti depressant, have been for a few years. It has helped me feel happier, but does nothing for the pain. I have tried Cymbalta, as long as I was getting the free samples from my doctor, but it is too expensive. If I had noticed a big improvment, I would have found a way to pay for it, but I didn't. I will look into Prozac though. I have heard it mentioned a lot, but know nothing about it.

When I first started getting symptoms I asked to see a psychologist. I had been through a very stressful year and I thought I could have had a nervous collapse at one time and maybe that caused my symptoms, but the psychologist said I was not emotionally unstable and my illness, what ever it is, is real. I should check out biofeed back and other self-control tools. I feel overwhelmed so often, just getting by, day-to-day with basic life, that I wouldn't know where to start and, of course, there is the $$$ issue.

I live in British Columbia Canada, nochange. You said you "That's all you have ?----fibromyaliga? usually they don't prescribe narcotic for that". I wonder what you would suggest what to take for the kind of pain I suffer from? Do you know what Fibro pain can be like? Sometimes I am awoken at night with dreams of wild animals chewing on my legs and arms. I started out with small doses of Tylenol 3s and 1 or 2 would do very well for 6 or so hours. Now, 2 Tylenol 3s do nothing for me - don't feel like I took anything. I was also Dx'd with Chronic Fatigue syndrome. When I was given that Dx, I didn't have this kind of sleepiness - more like weakness in my limbs and hard to feel up to moving them quite often.
My fibro pain is a burning tingling pain just under the skin in my arms and legs that is very intense. It is in other parts at a lesser intensity. My joints are becoming more and more sore, everything from not being able to put pressure on my knees, so I can't kneel down, same with my elbows. my hand joints all ache, burn and feel like there are little volcanoes in them ready to errupts. It is also in my neck, shoulders, and bottoms of feet feel like that have been badly bruised so sore to stand......the top of my head to the bottoms of my feet hurt and with out the meds I take would be a 7 - 8 as I moan and groan (but not quite scream which would be a 9 - 10
Thanks for listening, it was good to get it off my chest.)

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