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Re: LPR- Nearly Cured! READ THIS

Hi Nordic1: I'm doing so much better. Not a perfect cure on the D but so much better. I use to burn just drinking water. It was pure hell. I still have some tiny whisps of LPR when I have coffee, chocolate, wine or eat garlic or raw onions by mistake.

Also since I last wrote I read that magnesium relaxes muscles. I no longer take it.

When I do have coffee, chocolate, wine I usually take a Tums or chew some baking soda gum. But I think the baking soda gum has neutralized my stomach acid and dropped my B12 count. It was 608 in July 2011 and 530 in June 2012 and Oct 2012 it dropped down to 375. I'm not happy about this. So I realize I have to stop taking the baking soda gum. Which means I can not have that cup of coffee, or chocolate or wine. I need to get my B12 up as close to 800 as possible. I'm not sure if the Tums effects the B12 so I have to check into it. Something is making my B12 drop. And B12 is a very important thing to watch when one has LPR/GERD. Because we are all more inclined to take things that shut down the proton pumps in our stomach or neutralize it. And the acid of our stomach creates B12 and is also half of our immune system, because it kills off the viruses and bacteria that fall down from our ears, throat, and nose.

LPR/GERD patients are at risk of having our B12 drop to seriously dangerous levels. I would recommned reading up on B12 and its importance. LPR patients don't need extra health issues going on and we walk a fine line of keeping our spinchters working, eating more alkaline and trying not to take PPIs. At least it feels that way for me. I don't want to take PPIs.

I just got back my Oct 2012 D score. It was 58. It has been difficult to get my D score up there and I have spent every day in the summer for 20 minutes in the sun between 11:00 am - 1:00 p.m. I had leveled off to 4,000 IU of D last few months, when my D score hit 60 in June 2012. But now that the sun rays (I'm in the 38th latitude) don't make D on the skin, in my region, from Sept 21, 2012 till mid-March 2013 I have to be sure and supplement enough D3 drops.

My goal is to get to the high end of normal D which is 80. I feel that the higher my D score goes the better the whisps of LPR feel. And as you can see my D score is dropping not going up. So because of my weight and autumn sun that does not produce D on my skin till next March 2013, I am upping my D to 6,000 IU a day and will test in 3 months. I want to raise the D score slowly and steadily.

Currently I am better and noticed that my LPR really improved when I hit about 55 on the D score. But like I said, I'm experimenting and want to get it to a score of 80 to see how I feel. I would love to be able to get rid of the tiny wisps of LPR. But I'm so grateful to be out of horrific pain and I owe it all to Vit D. Hope everyone on the message board is improving and finding things that will help them. All of you on these boards have been so supportive when I thought I was slowly declining and only had months to live as I couldn't even drink water. So I have made great improvement. Thank you all for everything.

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