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Things that might help your prostatitis....

I've had prostatitis for 4 years now. I let a chlamydia infection go a little too long, and suspect that was the catalyst for my problem.

Antibiotics, of course, don't work. All they do is kill all of the bacteria in your body and create candida. Some antibiotics, like cipro, are especially vile. I suffered massive side effects from 3 doses, including ongoing nerve damage.

But, back to the prostatitis. These are the things I've learned through time work best for me. Number one, cut out caffeine, alcohol, chocolate and spicy foods. Its pretty hard to do right away, but gets easier over time. Look at it as a "lifestyle" change. It really helps, though. Look for caffeine in everything - even decaf coffee and decaf green tea sets me off. Absolutely no caffeine.

Secondly, stay off of your prostate. Hot baths don't offer relief? Try kneeling in the bath tub and keep pressure off of your prostate. Do you sit a lot? Spend a day standing the whole time, and see how you feel. When I have a flare up (I rode a motorcycle last weekend, and I'm in a flare up now) I usually know exactly why. Unfortunately it sometimes takes weeks to get me back to normal. If you're in a job requires you to sit, get a cushion with a hole. There are discreet ones out there covered by fabric. When I sit in a restaurant, I sit between two chairs, so my prostate is free from pressure. I will take up a sweatshirt, tie it in a ring, and sit on that if I am in a jam. It might sound embarrassing, but nobody has ever looked or wondered, at least out loud to me.

Life definitely is a challenge when you have prostatitis. But it could be a heck of a lot worse. Try my suggestions if the symptoms are unbearable. Worth a shot at least.

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