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Re: Confused and worried

Originally Posted by Longworry View Post
So the rash and pimples are not related ? It seems a bit odd I finally start getting sexually active (oral) and this happens. Why do alot of sites say its possible like the CDC? I posted his question on yahoo answers and everyone said its possible I got very scared!
HIV from oral sex is very very rare. Also there has to be an open sore to pass the virus. Even though it is very very hard to get by then too. There has not any documented case reported for HIV by oral sex.
Mouth has lots of different proteins, for those HIV cant exist in mouth. SO YOY SHOULD NOT BE WORRIED AT ALL.

There is a full of wrong in-formations in internet. I can simply give you one example: From 2004 CDC changed their HIV testing guidelines from 6 months to 3 months, but several sources in internet says 6 months and even more testing.
So it is upto you, whom you believe. But one thing mate you cant get HIV from oral sex.