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Re: Confused and worried

Originally Posted by Apollo123 View Post
The risk is only theoretical at best. You cN only get HIV from getting into your blood stream and that would realistically happen if you had a tooth removed and then had infect fluids in your mouth, but then that's only a possible risk and still very unlikely.

The mouth is a hostile place and it's unlikely HIV would survive in their as it's very fragile.

This forum has 10 oral threads a week so this concern is very common but the outcome is always the same,zero risk.

Hope that helps

Okay I see your point it's a good point. My only consen was the rash it was very out of no where and also I had experienced armpit pain. A sharp stabbing pain which was a consern for swollen lymph nodes. Am I in the clear to forget about this and move on? With no possible cliff hanger of possible HIV infection?