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Re: Results of ANA Test, newbie need help

Dear Vee,

All the other were not boldfaced, just the ana, was high lighted and said positive, and 1:40 H, <which I dont know what the H next to the 1:40, meant> Ive been having these cyst things every since my youngest was born 6 1/2 years ago. Funny thing is the doctor has had my results since 10/04, and they say he has my results and will call me, but Ive gotten no call yet, not sure if its because hes consulting with another doctor, or passing it as not a big deal. the skin things, the derm thinks they are pimple like cysts, but the problem is they keep coming back, they have never gone away. I get them on my right arm, <which when I water outside tends to be the one exposed mostly to the sun, and around my neck and shouder area, also on my neck, jawline. We also though I might have too much testosterone in my system. Even when not in the sun they do not go away. I have seen a derm, she just thinks they are acne type cysts, I disagree. So I will ask her to biopsy one when I see her in two weeks. The symptoms I have are, joint achiness, stiff hands, very very tired, fatigued. Hair loss, headaches, and major memory loss. I keep getting the run around by doctors, and I for one am at the point of wanting to just give up. I have one that previously, they do nothing, and find nothing significant. I have nodules on my thyroid, and also have alot of ovarian cysts. They just removed the mirena, which hasnt made a difference in how I feel. I also have light menstrual bleeding off and on, thats partly why I went on the mirena in first place. I have a hiatul hernia, and reflux, of which because I had c-diff 7 times from 2009-2010. After having all that c diff, is when my symptoms started worse than they had before I had c diff. Im sorry tmi. hugs and god bless. .

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