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Re: Results of ANA Test, newbie need help

Dear Ladybud,

Thank you also for your reply. I think I will have the gynecologist I see next week, take another ana test, because this week Im feeling the worst Ive felt in about 2 years. I know Im having a flare, and my gut tells me its lupus. Ive been doing research for almost as long as Ive had these weird things. Then also I started having 2 and three rows of eyelashes start growing in and extra eyebrows growing in below the eyebrow line. I researched that and its called lymphedema diastichiasis. <spelling> its an autosomal genetic defect, but weird how it just happened after my youngest was born. when she was 2, is when I started having that problem too. They checked my thyroid, functioning she said is fine. eventhough I have two nodules on my thyroid. She said they are benign. Im just hoping someone does something, Im started to get sick of the run around with these doctors. hugs and god bless,