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Re: Just had core biopsy of supraclavicular node

Originally Posted by ScarlettA View Post
Lisa - I just came upon your message, and I see that it's been over a month since you wrote. I hope that your biopsies and MRI came out okay? My husband has lymphoma, but he's never had any of the symptoms that you've been having. There are so many different kinds of lymphomas, and it seems that no two are exactly alike. I hope that you're feeling much better now. I'll light a candle in your name tonight in the on-line candle site.
Best wishes and warm hugs for you - Scarlett

I too have just gotten over DCIS bilateral last March still in reconstruction mode.
I did not have it in my lymph nodes. At the same time I was diagnosed they found 2 enlarged lymph nodes in my pelvic region. They did a PET scan and literally thought I had NHL. I had a core needle biopsy and it came back negative. At that time I suffered from fevers and drenching nights sweats. All this seem to subside after the bilateral was done. 2 weeks ago my left supraclavicular node swelled up 2 CM. I went see my onco right away. Although it is waxing and waning they are not taking any chances, full node being taken out. Core needles do not have good rate of seeing small amounts.
My fevers are back and I am having what I call the itchy's from time to time. Night sweats are little here and there. I am too with one of the best oncologists there is. I would ask for the full biopsy. I am concerned now, that from the core needle I did back in March, they did not see it all, and now it has traveled. My prayers are with you on further diagnosis. I have an identical twin sister, who was also diagnosed with DCIS 4 years prior. It was not invasive in the breast tissue, but jumped to stage 3 in her lymph nodes. Doctors were to say the least flabbergasted. This is why I am being aggressive. We are also negative for BCRA gene. Be diligent and demand they retest.