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Re: Eminating Evil

Hi my friend. I hope you had a good weekend. I thought about you a lot and I am so glad we can learn to trust each other via this forum. It is easier to write than to listen sometimes when we have so much in our minds at times. I know you have a lot to say and I hope you can feel free to share with me. I am all ears. The part about my not wanting to be there for my dog when she died was because I have had pets in the past and when they died or got sick it too me a long time to grieve and when my mom died and cousin died I had a long period when I was so sad and couldn't talk to anyone about it. I didn't feel safe to talk about their deaths until I joined Hospice and people allowed me to share my grief and listened. I hate death of anything and it makes me so sad inside. I know how you feel about your professor and how you felt abandoned inside. Some people don't understand this but I do. You can share anything with me and I will unscrabble any feelings you have and see if I can understand it. My cousin wrote four letters to me and rambled on and thanked me in some letters and accused me in others. I understand she is venting and doesn't really know what she is saying. You are not mentally ill but I feel are emotionally delayed and like me a late bloomer. I know you have been deeply hurt by those who you had in your life that was supposed to cherish, trust, protect and unconditionally love you. I do hope you will continue to write your feelings down and I will listen and share my thoughts and feelings with you. Have a good day!