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Re: Eminating Evil

I wanted to tell you that I played bingo with some seniors on Friday night but when I was coming home on the train, I started walking to the bus to take me to my car and I fell. Have you ever fallen and been so embarrassed but also you checked to see if you hadn't broken any bones. A nice man asked if I was alright and helped me up. There are some nice people in this world. One time I was in New York and I saw so many mentally ill people sitting in a restaurant cleaning their cups and counting money and looking so lonely. Then I went down the street and there was a cat in a tree and there were five people looking so concerned to get the cat down from the tree. It was quite an eye opener that in New York people care more about animals sometimes than people. There were many older people who had no one to care for them and would ask my help and I felt funny helping them because I didn't want their family to think I was doing something suspicious. They don't trust people there too much because I'm sure many people have been ripped off or had a bad experience. Not all New Yorkers and it happens in every city. Anyway, it was fun playing games with the seniors and playing a card game on Sunday afternoon with some ladies. Do you like to play table or card games?