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Ok so what are the odds?

What are the odds of getting genital herpes from a girl who gave me oral sex 3 years ago with no cold sores on her lip. I have some blister like bumps on my buttocks. they are on the very top of my bump crack. there is a little patch of them that is now healing a lot and then there is one sore about a inch away from it. it is only on one side of the buttock crack. and also in the middle. in the middle it seems like there is a slight hole and it is yellow in the middle. It seemed to come out of no where but looks a lot like herpes simplex or shingles virus. I have had very bad chicken pocks when i was younger. i am 16 years old now, what i don't understand is since that one time that i had oral sex, i have been deeply stressed from a passing of a loved one with no sign of breakout then. Also i kissed the girl a lot before the oral sex, so wouldn't it have contracted it to my lips making it so that i can not get it on my genitals. as i said it is very close to the top of the but crack. and i do not have any symptoms besides a swollen lymph node just above my pubic region. as i said it was very ichy out of no where. i itched it very hard and it took some skin off. and then it seemed like it started from there. could i get shingles in my but crack at the age of 16.? also when this started i was not stressed and my immune system was fairly strong because of training for sports. i squeezed the sore that was about an inch from the patch and a small amount of clear liquid then blood came out. it seems like the odds would be very low but i am freaking out. if it was herpes simplex why wouldent it be a little closer to the genitals?.

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