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elevated resting heart rate... Chiari related ?

I have had about 4 episodes over a 3 year period where my resting pulse would elevate to 110 bpm (about 2x my normal resting pulse) and stay there for 36 straight hours. For a number of the episodes I managed to have an EKG, BP, and other battery of tests and everything was normal other than the pulse.

I had an MRI of the brain done a couple years ago and it said I had borderline low lying cerebellar tonsils, possible Chiari malformation.

I have read that elevated pulse can accompany Chiari, but not sure if the description I gave describes what is typical for it?

The vertigo I get, I associate with ear infections from sinus infections.
A lot of the nerve / spinal chord related symptoms I associate with cervical myelopathy or residual from fusion surgery. The head aches I associate with the calcification build up in the spinal canal. That elevated resting pulse is the only symptom I can't associate with anything else (and no doctors can either), and wonder if it is Chiari related?


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