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Re: Skipping beats

Greetings Skybluepink1954! welcome to the Healthboards! I would avoid junk food. I would eat fruits and vegetables cabbage may be healing to a painful stomach and potatoes might be useful. whole wheat flour bread and brown rice would of course be healthier than the white flour. Of course the mentioned hernia may be causing a lot of this in my opinion. Eating too much food at any one meal might aggravate that and heavy lifting might also aggravate it. I would try eating meals 5 hours apart and make the last meal light and a few hours before bedtime.

Sometimes electrolytes that are off can cause irregular heartbeats to occur. Magnesium is an electrolyte so I would be very careful about it. If the electrolytes were not checked I might have the health professionals check these. Of course everyone is in charge of their own health care and is responsible for their own health care decisions in life. If the stomach burns in the future I might try a drink of water to help wash that out down there and dilute stomach acid a bit. I would not drink during meals but up to a half hour before meals and some little time after meals. I would avoid meat cheese, relish, mustard, hot spices, vinegar, coffee, tea, alcohol and smoking.

I would walk outside every day in sunshine and fresh air and rest 8 hours at night.

Peace, sjb