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Unhappy Re: Shakiness, could it be a part of menopause?

Originally Posted by Shelley5716 View Post
does anyone have chest tightness, feeling like u need to take a deep breath? I have had acid reflux now for about 3 months, and at times, it feels like my stomach is soooo bloated ... esp at the top under my breast ... causes anixety which Im sure contributes to the tightness...
I sometimes have a weird feeling, like I've forgotten to breathe. Last day or so I have some burning under my breast bone, my stomach problems seem to keep evolving, they're always different. I had a very long car ride yesterday (8 hours in the car) so that probably didn't help my anxiety (extremely heavy traffic much of the way). My stomach problems have been here since early March 2012, they feel worse if I focus on them, also if I'm more stressed. Unfortunately, they cause us stress, don't they. I think I carry a lot of tension in my upper body.