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Re: Skipping beats

Thank you for responding, This has been so scary for me and makes the anxiety attacks so much worse to deal with.
I have cut out all flour and sugar products and eating fruits and veggies.. which I have never been a big fan of. And almost no caffeine now and drinking water.. which not a fan of water much either lol I was practically living off flour products for some time, mainly crackers. So I have completely changed my diet in the last month. Which that alone has been a major adjustment.
I went to a kinesiologist that I use to go to years ago, He said my pancreas isn't producing any enzymes due to the awful diet I have kept for years and pretty much instructed me to do the same things I have already changed. I have been taking Magnesium for about 2 weeks now so I thought that it would straightend out by now.. so it is terrifying to me that it hasn't. It only seems to happen after I have a meal and my meals are small.
Beings that I work from home, I do not get out much, plus with the anxiety I don't get out much, but thank you for the suggestion of getting outside and everything.
I have not found any information about pancreas could cause skipped heartbeats but do know it only happens after I eat and my diet has been lousy up until a month ago.